Sunday, February 4, 2007

Math as torture, torture as math

Get used to this one as I'll probably foist it on you again. It's sort of like my cartoon anthem. Mathematics and I parted company in the fourth grade. I think that I can trace my unfocused anger to that period. Since then I've been faking it as far as arithmetic is concerned.

One of my greatest triumphs in college was to use the words "albeit" and "moreover" in the same sentence. A triumph of this particular strip was to have Art doing the rubber pencil trick and walking like an Egyptian in almost adjacent panels.

Here Art is tutoring some young miscreant (who we'll see again much later) in Algebra. I took algebra at Birch Run High School in Birch Run Michigan... now there was a little slice of hell on earth.

...and chemistry, again with Mr. Frank, was yet another unflushable toilet of mounting despair.

I'll let Arthur do the speaking here for me and countless others.

Remember, none of you are safe.

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