Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter (Islanders)

It's another Easter miracle! I think this blog is being resurrected, maybe.

Here are two of my takes on Easter.

This first one is from the student newspaper of Delta College near Bay City Michigan. I was a cartoonist for the Delta Collegiate.

This dates from March of 1975. At that time I'd been out of the Navy for less than a year and was totally enjoying the commuter college scene. Delta was a delightful little community College that whet my appetite for doing the whole college thing and getting some very groovy adulation for my cartooning skills...all this and the G.I. bill too!

That year at Delta could be entitled "Girls, Girls,Girls", though, hasn't Elvis already claimed that one?

I was happy to be a civilian getting a whopping $270.00 a month from Uncle Sam to go to college. I made a bee-line to the student newspaper with my portfolio and secured a job as the staff cartoonist knocking down five bucks per!

This offering for Easter is one that I thought was totally funny. On reflection, I still think it works but where in the heck is that hunter's other leg? And why is that rabbit's weenie smoking?

This little 3-D cartoon I did around 1987. I enrolled in an adult ed ceramics class through Grand Rapids Public Schools. There was a group of about 18 wannabe potters and me. The instructor was an ancient and tiny art teacher named Alice. She was initially upset that I didn't want to throw pots or use glazes. She kept trying to coax me away from the 3-D cartoon idea.

Well, here we are twenty years later, she's dead but my sculpture is still pretty vivid.

I was so taken with this Easter Island gag that I did a second one that was three times the size...and not nearly as good as this original.

Happy Easter to all you islanders out there!


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