Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please Stand-by

This blog, such as it is, evolved, or devolved, from a happy-go-lucky journal of cartooning to a distress flare sent up to alert friends near and far that I needed them to be thinking of me.

I have a lot of friends, and they were very helpful.  So its time for this blog to change course, simmer, or pull the plug.

After some reflection I took down the dozen or so posts from this past year, figuring that the best way to get happy may to simply be to not dwell in the sadness.  I'm going to try "acting happy" until the real article kicks in.

Many thanks to supportive friends whom I look forward to seeing on my deck, overlooking the beautiful Cumberland Valley, in the brighter, warmer, more festive days of spring and summer enjoying home made pizza.

Think positive,


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